About the project

This site is part of the WAM psychogeography project created in July 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 outbreak.

On Sunday 28 June 2020 writer and psychogeographer Nick Gadd gave an online presentation, ‘Psychogeography: discover the secrets of the streets’ as part of the Write Around the Murray festival. You can watch the presentation on YouTube.

Nick’s presentation covered his own personal interpretation of psychogeography, and some of the ways it informs his practice as a writer. (See this essay for more about Nick’s practice.)

Nick also ran a psychogeography writing workshop for local writers, and subsequently created this site as a repository for images and writings inspired by psychogeography in the Albury Wodonga region.

What we want to do in this project is look at familiar places with new eyes. We want to find the strange in the familiar, the surreal in the everyday, the traces of the past that linger in the present, the echoes of voices that travel across time.

We are collecting examples of text and photography, provided by local residents within 100 km of Albury Wodonga, that give unique, personal insights into the city at this unusual moment in time – late 2020.

Find out how to contribute.

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